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That’s because it is not as common for men to leave the security of their parents nest until they either found themselves a serious partner, or have been saving up for a while to travel.

It is not as easy for South Americans to travel to the United States as it is for citizens from the U. If you meet a gentleman, and he considers his family, especially his mother as his top priority, don’t write him off as a mama´s boy.

After living in South America for over a year, here is my take on being a gringita and the rules of dating in South America. You ask…It is a common phrase used to describe men of Latin America who act like a, ¨Macho man¨ often exhibiting behaviors such as possessiveness, aggressiveness and an overall attitude that they It is a common topic in conversation here and some women have become so accustomed to it, that they accept it as normal.

This ideology may cause some clash in experience, but it shouldn’t cause you to be overly judgmental.I understand, they can be irresistible with their charm, accent and often seductive dance moves.If you do start dating a Latin man, don’t be surprised if you find out that he has never ventured too far from home.He is probably not use to such an open minded person and your alternative ways of seeing things may shock him in the beginning.If you can both be patient and be open to discuss where you are both coming from, you may end up forming a mutually supportive relationship that will only foster an immense amount of learning and curiosity.

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