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The idea of putting pen to paper for a proper thank you is unheard of in most circles.

Children by and large are with out manners, they are coddled and excused for every inconceivable behaviour by their parents and live in a world of self entitlement. They sat quietly having a very civilized conversation with each other. I was so impressed, I made a comment to the mother on how very well-behaved they were.

Be careful when pressing ‘reply all’ if gossiping about someone on the original message - and never bitch about people on social media are also important as you never know who will forward your messages or posts.

It also emerged the average Briton spends four hours and 12 minutes socialising online every day, has a circle of 178 friends on social media and sends 31 texts, 13 Facebook messages or comments, six tweets and 11 emails every day.

On more than one occasion I have had to take my meal ‘to go’ due to a too tired baby.

However, thanks to Virgin for finally enabling parts of the 150-year-old underground network to offer Wi Fi, I could at least send a digital apology warning my date that I would be running a touch late.Spending the entire meal on Facebook is simply inexcusable. If you have received bad service from a server then it should reflect in your tip, not in your treatment towards them. We can never expect that a baby or young child is going to be perfect at every turn.However, in the event you are in a store, restaurant or other public place and your child becomes unruly or crying because she has missed her nap time, the best rule is to take them out of the environment to someplace private, such as the car, until they calm down.People still want to learn the basic rules so they know how to and how not to behave with confidence.We also offer advice about social etiquette on social networks in schools,” he explains.

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    If you’re relatively young and single, chances are you have a bit of disposable income.

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