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Steiner was not avail- able to comment on this allegation.

SEE CHARGES' -PG 2 Police arrested 14 protestors in connection with a IMarcli 20 sit-in at Simcoe Hall.

The administration has threatened four student leaders, including a governor, with action under the Code of Student Conduct over disruption of an April 10 Governing Council meeting.

"The univer- sity has an iron-clad accessibility guar- antee that financial considerations will not keep you from either entering or completing a program you're admitted Faculty of Pharmacy, Graduate Studies SEE 'FEES' -PG 2 U of T students have seen a steady rise in tuition fees since 2002.

The latest, approved by GC on April 1 0, will increase fees by an average of 4.27 per cent for domestic students and 6.6 per cent for internationals.

Combining theories learned in lec- ture halls with practical and technical training sounds like a great idea.

Giv- ing students an extra week to catch up sounds even better. GROVE-WHITE The divisive showdown for the ASSU presidency just got messier.

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