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Another approach is provided by the two of us in our article in 2007—namely, to see how costs per pupil change when districts consolidate.

This study is based on all the rural school districts in New York state between 19.

John Yinger (left) and William Duncombe, both professors at Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, have studied the economics of size in public education.

Photo by Candi Patterson/Center for Policy Research, Syracuse University The aid bonus from consolidation can be quite large.

These consolidating districts had enrollments ranging from 250 to 1,990.

Third, administrators and teachers may have a more positive attitude toward work in smaller schools, which tend to have more flexible rules and procedures.

Finally, students may be more motivated and parents may find it more comfortable to interact with teachers in smaller districts, which tend to have a greater community feel.

Empirical Evidence A large body of literature has investigated the relationship between cost per pupil and district enrollment, controlling for school performance.

Although these studies cover many locations and use various methodologies, most lead to the same conclusion that emerged from a study, “Revisiting Economies of Size in American Education: Are We Any Closer to a Consensus?

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