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She said: 'One thing led to another and this is what ended up happening. Corona did not enter a plea but instead said she planned to challenge the 'constitutionality' of the laws making adultery a crime.

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She said she was no longer having sex with her husband, Joe, and had been drunk. She later made a brief appearance at Genesee County Courthouse where she arrived with her husband.

Pastor John Hagee is a Zionist Christian: he believes that the Book of Revelation in the Bible specifically says any nation that does not defend the state of Israel at any cost will be eternally damned.

John Hagee has sold millions of books spouting nonsense conspiracy theories from evil global financiers trying to destroy the Jews to saying that the U. Postal Service was trying to destroy his ministry (the USPS said Pastor John Hagee’s Ministry hardly qualified as a non-profit and as such was subject to regular rates on mass mailings).

After these meetings, President Bush took a noticeably more hostile stance on Iran and much of his rhetoric is phrased in religious terms. Pastor John Hagee says that if America does not defend Israel than God’s wrath and judgment will come directly down upon the heads of the citizens of America.

John Hagee is a slick marketer who plays upon peoples fears and hatreds to make money and push his insane policy ideas.

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