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We have no idea but speculated it was due to packaging. The boxes were addressed to the Bush Terminal, Brooklyn, NY.It seems they were sitting on the docks when the war ended so they never made it overseas.So far we have not found any evidence that they were purchased by the government.

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Over one thousand purchased recently and the latest proposal list a one year open ended contract which could prove to be very large but not exceed 0,000.00.

Also included in the parcels are a deck of cards, a book of crossword puzzles, snacks, games, suntan lotion, tissues, a hacky sack ball, moist towelettes, a hand-held fan and a multipurpose tool packaged in a lightweight, durable, reusable travel bag.

Each bag also has an acknowledgement card that the gift is made possible through the generosity of the American people.

Any machete collectors out there have one so marked? A recent solicitation for knife purchase by the government caught our eye.

It was listed as a "Knife, Combat with Lanyard", something we had not seen before.

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