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These were not buildings that were hidden away in some back street.

"At first, I only wanted one child," Bild quoted her as saying at the time. France, in particular, feared that its population was falling too quickly and banned abortions and contraception.Such was the desire to increase the German population that in 1943, a law was discussed among Nazi leaders that all women – married or single – should have 4 children and that the fathers of these children had to be “racially pure”.However, such was the skills shortage in Germany, that in 1937 a law was passed in 1937 which meant women had to do a “Duty Year”. As housewives and mothers, their lives were controlled. Women were discouraged from slimming as this was considered bad for child birth.This meant that they could work ‘patriotically’ in a factory etc. Women were not expected to wear make-up or trousers. Women were encouraged to have a well built figure as slim women, so it was taught, would have problems in pregnancy…….

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