Dating service fling chris brown denies dating rihanna

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These fake verification sites collect users’ personal information and payment card details, and proceed to sign up victims for subscription-based memberships to adult video and webcam sites that total nearly 0 per month in fees.

Verification is a much-desired feature on many social media services today.

is tapping into users’ desire to become “verified” on the popular dating service – a process that people believe would allow them to confirm their identity, and legitimize their account for the purposes of trust and safety.

According a recent report from security researchers at Symantec, scammers are now using verification as a lure to sign up people to fake “safe dating” websites.

According to a sample obtained by Motherboard, the data contains the email addresses, usernames, clear-text passwords, IP addresses and dates of birth of 40,769,652 registered users.

The data has now been sold for 0.8888 Bitcoin, the equivalent of around 0.

The bot will explain, casually, The spam bots then link to a fake verification website that claims to offer background checks or some sort of dating protection.

Responding to the hack, the owner of the domain told Motherboard: “We take internet security very seriously.Using the sample information provided, the site confirmed that out of 101 email addresses it examined, only 61 were already in use on Fling.It also found that within the data, accounts were flagged with various settings, including “admin_disabled,” “user_disabled,” or “active”, however this showed no indication as to whether each email address was already in use or not on Fling.And in April, elite dating site Beautiful confirmed it had also suffered a data hack, leading to the personal details and private messages of 1.1m users appearing on the deep web.Danielle is a Junior Reporter at Global Dating Insights.

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