Dating sim flash game cheats

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The game is a rinse and repeat type of game with no great reward, just below par sex. Both girls are super hot, the sex mechanic has a lil challenge to it, but honestly? Or maybe just a scene where the girls blow you off and fuck each other.

Alyssa is perfect and really needs a expansion to the character i hope one day they expand this game too.

During sex with Maria the hand rubbing starts to fail which eventually can break the sex scene. * Massage Maria`s shoulders * X * Fix the printer * Nothing major... * Pick any of 2 (you are going for Alyssa anyway) * (!!!

Error on displaying Maria vs Alyssa moods throughout game. * Send spicy sms to Alyssa * She`ll be tough one to crack...

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I wasn`t able to get deep throat, if anyone finds out how please do tell. An example is that if you don`t ask Maria out on a date you can`t go out on a date with her.... If you have max mood choose talk option "Let`s see how rusty" will eventually get you in her bedroom. Also Sorry about redundant newlines in my walkthrough... Certain questions must be answered to get to the dates and endings of the game. 9 out of 10 if there was a 3 some i would have given it full marks. There is one picture of threesome with Alyssa and Maria in Ending 2... (other option will make a bigger drop in the mood) Also if you get stuck anywhere during sex scene there is a "Back" button in left bottom corner If you get stuck all the time, just fuck her, you will get good ending even if you perform horribly... Problem i found was you can`t get a 3 some with Alyssa and Maria which is a disappointment best scene is Alyssa with the pool table what awesome twist in the game, I didn`t see that one coming. * 4 click to pull up * I must humbly thank you for this... * Unplug the mouse cord * The I won`t tell you (slight decrease in mood but next answer increases it more) * You are right... I`m sorry but the game is for the most part crap, you can take different pathways through dialogue that lead to the same generic ending, the endings are poorly thought out, "You end up alone, after she packs up her bags you lonely f***! I was stuck until I realized you have to use the pictures of food and drink on the wall of the bar to order. " The game quickly looses interest when you can`t navigate from the same outcomes for the AI [Alyssa for example, a girl who`ll have sex with her boss for leverage] and it doesn`t keep us [myself] hooked on trying to maintain a relationship with them.

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