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You might notice that many of the “dating sins” What’s Your Price points out aren’t actually all that bad.Sending nude photos, for instance, which was most popular among Aquarius users, is a lovely thing to do for your partner, and bridges physical and emotional distance between you.As long as you keep your nudes secure, who cares about taking them?Sex on the first date, which is apparently popular among Tauruses, isn’t bad either, as long as both partners get a chance to communicate what they want from the situation.Slow but steady progress with finances and investments, the main point here is that you are likely to act in a conservative way with an eye on longer term profits.(December 12, 2017 to December 29, 2018) January 31 to July 27 the January 2018 lunar eclipse will most likely place extra strain on your intimate relationships and your home and family life.The site then took those statistics and cross-referenced them with every user’s astrological sign.

Conditions in your life are rapidly changing, new people, new opportunities, new discoveries.

Aside from introducing monetary transactions into the dating world, What’s Your Price also collects data and presents it in infographics, similar to what dating site OKCupid does on its data analysis blog.

On Tuesday, What’s Your Price released the results of its latest study, in which participants were asked to rank shitty dating habits by the likelihood they’d use them.

Faking orgasms, the “dating sin” popular among Sagitarriuses, actually hurts both people involved in sex.

The orgasm faker doesn’t get to enjoy an orgasm, and their partner doesn’t get the chance to learn how to help please them. Of course, What’s Your Price isn’t arguing that astrology has any scientific bearing on dating habits, but for many people, astrological signs are an important part of the dating process.

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