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Sellers who are buying another home might want to schedule simultaneous closings.

Sellers also might want to close before the next property tax installment or homeowners insurance premium is due because if the closing agent can’t verify that payment, then its full amount, plus any late charges, will be held back from their proceeds from the sale.

A decision will be made about this function in a future release of NCL.

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Either way, there are no interest-free days; so in effect, the difference is more about cash flow than savings.

Must have a "units" attribute string in the format "units since basetime", for example, "days since 1971-1-1" (see examples below).

May additionally have a "calendar" attribute with one of the following values: : Many users have reported a "60 second" bug in several of NCL's date conversion routines, in which you get a value of "n minutes, 60 seconds" instead of "n 1 minutes, 0 seconds". If you encounter this bug, please email the ncl-talk group with the details.

Short sale approvals are so unpredictable, in fact, that Bennett says contracts sometimes call for closing “45 days from short sale approval” or similar terms.

A small proportion of such contracts don’t even specify a closing date.

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