Dstv on demand not updating

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htxt.africa was born of the absolute certainty that there’s a tremendous amount of stuff that’s going on, and no-one is covering this stuff with the care, attention and enthusiasm that it deserves.

DStv Connect is your portal to getting so much more online.

This week, after much hype, Multichoice, the biggest paid TV provider in South Africa, unveiled its newest decoder for DStv, its satellite service.

The Explora, DStv says, will let people access content in a way they’ve never been able to, before.

I spoke to DStv’s CEO, Collins Khumalo, at the launch for the Explora this week.

He’s a very friendly man, and we had a good discussion. I told him this, when I put forward points about wanting to be able to pay less for DStv, while still retaining some of the better channels that actually have content I want.

PVR means you have to record video to later have it on demand.

And Catch Up still relies on content that has been aired in the past – a glorified version of the age-old rerun.

Granted, some TV series are not available on Hulu, and Netflix doesn’t stock the latest blockbusters, but the killer difference here is that it’s all video-on-demand. To get the same video-on-demand functionality, the Explora can either use Box Office, PVR, or Catch Up.In fact, just reading tweets when DStv ups its subscription prices annually, I see more and more people questioning whether R600 is worth it.The cheaper bouquets instantly remove value, leaving no way to get the channels that have what I want without breaking the bank.With DStv’s 124 video channels (and 73 radio channels), there’s bound to always be something to watch.But what if you’ve just been, you know, doing it all wrong?

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