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However, a few years later my progress started to flat line and lost a motivation. I had tired everything, Pimsleur, Rosetta Stone other Japanese online learning websites and getting slapped in the face by pretty girls in bars Tokyo. So I decided to design a course that would be comprehensive and well structured…and I failed miserably.I made a bunch of lessons that were completely rubbish.

In this interview we talk about how to learn Japanese and common errors students make. In this podcast, Ami Sensei and Alex teach you how to hold a natural conversation in Japanese on the phone.Tamukeyama's new foliage is a deep crimson-red when unfolding but soon turns to a dark-purple red.It is an excellent shade of dark red that holds until late summer. Experts claim that in the state of Oregon 'Tamukeyama' holds its deep color better than any other cultivar.Click here for lesson notes and extra audio…In this podcast Ami sensei and I teach you how to use the plain form of the verb Taberu which means to eat.The plain form of the verb is used in casual conversation between friends.

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