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Hang the DJ wraps up with viewers being transported to the real world, where Frank and Amy meet for the first time with their app telling them they have a 99.8 per cent compatibility rate.

Frank is played by Joe Cole, who is best known for his role as John Shelby in BBC drama Peaky Blinders.

Other members of the cast include Gina Bramhill as the voice of the app, who is referred to as “Coach” and Harry Potter actress Jessie Cave who plays Edna.

BLACK MIRROR, METALHEAD EXPLAINEDSeason four is mainly made up of a British actors compared to the previous run.

Episode four of season four of the Netflix show sees singletons looking for love and using technology to help them find their perfect match.

Hang the DJ follows Frank (played by Joe Cole) and Amy (Georgina Campbell), who are initially paired together for a short amount of time but click from the start.

There was also a cameo from Kirsten Dunst, who is engaged to Plemons and is also his co-star in Fargo.

Fellow Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul lent his voice for a scene at the end of USS Callister.

BLACK MIRROR SEASON 5 RELEASE DATEHowever, the app makes them date other people to help them gain relationship experience.

Despite seeing other people, it’s clear that Frank and Amy are supposed to be together and the pair plan to escape from The System.

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