Norton 360 some products not updating

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When I go to the store and update my apps it also downloads and installs Microsoft Native runtime pack 1.123101.0.It keeps doing this every time and always the same file.For an added layer of protection, Norton Wi Fi Privacy turns any public hotspot into a secure virtual private network (VPN) to help keep your personal data safe when using your PC, Mac and mobile device. I researched the error which was related to the windows firewall.But then, as I’ve already mentioned, the big change came with the dropping of Norton 360, the Symantec company changing it’s focus, and the release of the new Norton Security products.It was for all these reasons that I decided to re-evaluate the Internet Security options and make a personal change.

Quick Summary: realizing this is a long article, for those not interested in the details, after years of using Norton (Symantec) products, I’ve moved away from Norton 360 and over to two other Internet Security products for my home and work computers: Bitdefender Internet Security and Kaspersky Internet Security.

I've been trying to download Minecraft (don't judge me) and it won't start.

I currently have eight apps that need to be downloaded or updated,...

I am using Norton Internet Security which disables and replaces the windows native firewall.

I enabled the windows firewall and all of the apps downloaded their updates (yes all 18 of them) PLUS the windows update which has failed time and time again (not the major update but the small update after that) installed perfectly as well..the solution was to enable the windows firewall.

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