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For SAS, having an Irish AOC means it plays by labour laws here, which are comparatively favourable to employers than the much stricter rules in Sweden. It’s interesting that one of the main objections to granting Norwegian’s Irish subsidiary access to the US market was over fears that Ireland was being used to skirt labour laws.

Bilateral agreements A key selling point of an Irish AOC is that it grants airlines access to the clatter of bilateral agreements Ireland has struck up with other regions around the globe.

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Our national bilateral agreements became less important in recent years, especially after the EU-US open skies agreement was signed, which made it easier for carriers to fly between Europe and the US.

They’re becoming an attractive asset again with Britain set to exit the EU.

The exchange is worth translating here for a number of reasons.

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SAS is following Norwegian’s flight path so it can “reduce the cost differential to newly established competitors” - a clear message that it wants to up its game against its ‘low-cost’ competitor.

So, how exactly would having an Irish licence help the overseas carrier drive down costs?

Those Irish-registered jets will be based in London and Spain for use on “a small number of departures to complement existing services” that SAS operates, according to a statement on the airline’s website.

Of course, SAS won’t be the first foreign airline to apply for an AOC in Ireland – its Scandi rival, Norwegian Air, was granted a certificate for its subsidiary in Dublin three years ago.

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