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The show airs at 9PM EST (that’s 8PM Central for all my Texan friends) tonight, Saturday, June 9th, on the Science Channel. Here’s a link to the website, where you can get a preview of some of our friends on tonight’s show: astronaut extraordinaire Richard Garriott; Brandon Hodge, owner of Big Top Candy Shop; and the zany Jason Black, better known as the Black Scorpion!Halloween is the time of year when people reveal their most ghoulish fears and fantasies, decorating their houses with fake mummies, plastic skulls and skeletons, and eerie contorted faces carved into apples and pumpkins.

, as show hosts Mike and Evan visit the halls of the Museum in their never-ending search for strange artifacts.

But for a certain breed of collector, like artist Ryan Matthew Cohn (pictured above, in a photo by Sergio Royzen), this sort of decor is just not creepy enough.

Such collectors would rather deck their apartments with specimen jars, real mummified heads, musical instruments made out of human bones, Victorian hair art, and actual skeletons—human or otherwise.

People in the 19th century obsessed over the scientific study of anatomy, thanks to Charles Darwin and natural-history museum dioramas, as well as death and mourning, thanks to Queen Victoria’s endless grieving of her beloved Prince Albert.

People would keep reminders of mortality, like Victorian death photos, known as “memento mori.” Naturally, Cohn is a big fan of the Mütter Museum in Philadelphia, which houses a huge collection of specimens with curious deformities and antique medical devices.

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