Roaming profiles not updating

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Below is the view of a users roaming profile configured to \server04.contoso.local\users$\%username%\profile .

If you are a Windows XP user this will translate to \server04.contoso.local\users$\sam\profile and if you are a Windows Vista/7 users this will translate to \server04.contoso.local\users$\sam\profile.v2 and if you are a Windows 8.1 with the “ registrey key enabled it will be \server04.contoso.local\users$\sam\profile.v3 Explanation: I have added “\profile” onto the end of what would normally be the profile path so that when the profile is created it is placed at the same level as all the other redirected folders. Reference: you setup the optional Profiles$ share for Windows XP then you will need to make sure the share you use is profiles$ (not users$) and there is no need for the additional \Profiles folder to be specified.

However in ever since Windows Vista there is now a group policy setting you can apply to computers that configured the roaming profile path for anyone who logs onto that computer called “Set roaming profile path for all users logging onto this computer”.

Warning: The biggest problem with the Per Computer roaming profile configuration is that there is no way to exclude you administrator accounts from also getting this policy as it is a per computer policy.

This is a real show stopper as I think it is really bad for administrator accounts should not be encumbered with “crud” in their profile when logging onto a computer.

IT Pro’s also benefit when there is an un-expected failure or loss of a computer then they don’t have to go through what could be a lengthily, costly and if not impossible, process of recovering the users data.

Windows does not synchronize the user’s profile to the profile server when it exceeds the policy enabled limit.

Tip: To avoid having to enter in the name of every file server in your organisation simple added the Domain name portion of the server name so that all servers will be Intranet Zone (e.g. See my other blog post How to use Group Policy to configure Internet Explorer security zone sites on how to do this…

However as Windows Vista and Windows 7 now uploads the profile asynchronously loading the profile via a higher latency lower bandwidth link is not so noticeable unless the users has never logged on to that computer before.

Amazingly I am not going to recommend the per computer Group Policy method as there is no way you can get around not having a roaming profile if you logon as an administrator.

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