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The biggest placement for me was getting into the Kindle First (now First Reads) program on Amazon; Hidden was free for a month to Prime members and this generated thousands of reviews and other metrics that have kept that book selling now, four years later. How much time do you spend on Goodreads, and what activities do you mostly do?

I use it in two main ways: I run a group called 52 Weeks, 52 Books where I pick a book each week for the group to read and people post their comments on a discussion thread once they’ve read it.

Catherine Mc Kenzie knows that being a writer isn’t just about writing.

“I run a business called "Catherine Mc Kenzie”, and I’m the CEO and Chief Content Producer,” she says. I involve myself in all parts of the publishing process.” The Canadian author has written several works of bestselling contemporary fiction, including Hidden, Fractured, and Arranged.

It’s helped in various ways, including when there has been a deal email that’s gone out and getting placement in the monthly newsletter.

What marketing activities do you believe have been the most worthwhile in helping you reach a large audience? I really don’t think there is any substitute for it—in stores, being on the front tables or walls; online, being advertised on Kindle screens or the various other ways that Amazon has to promote a title.

Her latest novel, The Good Liar, is a mystery/thriller set in Chicago.

In the meantime, I’d had the idea for what became Arranged and decided to write that.

While “word of mouth” plays a powerful role in making anyone’s work more visible, a strong marketing plan can be integral to sparking that word of mouth in the first place.

Nearly all great work has to be thoughtfully marketed to gain visibility, and thoughtful marketing starts with understanding of audience.

In the meantime, I wrote the novels that became Spin and The Murder Game (which I published under a pseudonym in 2016).

We decided to submit in Canada and got a “if you make some changes I might be willing to publish Arranged” from Harper Collins Canada.

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