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When: TBD, within the next month and if it goes well and people enjoy it it would be hopefully on a monthly basis Where: I have some inquiries into local gaming stores who will also be partnering up for PR Who: Locals are the target, but my hope is to expand to hosting events at cons where people who are open to LDRs would be able to meet up Pay: TBD, dependent on fees charged by event location, but I would like to keep it easily accessible to all income levels, I am also looking into discounts for social media shoutouts or bringing additional attendees.

Format: standard 5-10 minute rounds with conversation prompts available to keep things interesting :) Grouping will be based off of projected attendance. I hope to be making the rounds at Maximum Comics, Little Shop of Magic and other locations to gauge interest and plan on having date and location nailed down in the coming week.

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