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I said I was disappointed shocked that Carol told the China press yesterday that she did not find the caricatures as sexist or humiliating to women when it was explicitly offensive to women and more so defamatory.

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In reply, we have put up Some women folks who came to the press conference were most enraged over the offending caricatures which appeared in the China Press today and took the MCA to task in the presence of many journalists.As First Man, or First Hubby as some are already calling him, Philip will no doubt have been expecting his fashion choices to go under the microscope.After all, it’s tradition for the PM’s spouse – just ask Sam Cam – and besides, his fans were demanding it.This spin-off of the popular Young and Dangerous series finds a quartet of hot triad babes doing their triad babe thing on the streets of Causeway Bay.Triad babes Marble and Van (Loletta Lee and Karen Mok) finds themselves targeted by rival triads because Marble used to be the girlfriend of handsome triad leader Brother One (Michael Tong Man-Lung).

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