Unknown error while updating ipod who is monica crowley dating

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If it works, you can at least eliminate hardware conflicts and i Pod failure.

An unknown error occurred (-54)” When using i Tunes to backup, restore or sync your i Phone i Pad, you may face a lot of issues, such as i Tunes error 14, 50, 39 and 54.

Some users have reported that when they are updating i Phone they receive error 14, and their device also stuck in recovery mode.

Does i Tunes keep giving you a weird error number that you don’t understand? The most frustrating thing is to wade through idea after idea, gradually considering the XYZ things you might need to do just to get your i Pod to sync. Surely someone at i Tunes had this version of i Pod and used XP too?

Check to see if you can pinpoint a particular song it’s trying to transfer. Note, this could also be caused by a hardware conflict.

Don’t forget that it might just be a problem with i Tunes itself.

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