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The components of Creative Suite 5.5 Design Premium, Design Standard, Web Premium, Production Premium, and Master Collection are contained in one downloadable package: Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Application.

Each Windows package contains two files: a .7z file and a file. Before you begin the installation process, locate all serial numbers.

For help locating serial numbers, see Find a serial number quickly.

Discs labeled "Content" contain optional, nonessential files that are not required to install the product.

This method does not require certificates or the use of an online service.

In 10.1.2, the online signing service option is removed from Reader's Sign Pane.

In 10.1.8-10.0.10 and 11.0.05-11.0.07, this preference also removes Echo Sign UI items from the right hand Sign Pane.

For more details about what preferences sync, see the Admin Guide . May 9, 2016: The preference now controls all the third-party connectors, including Box, One Drive, and so on except Share Point.

Possible values include: Allows configuring in-product access to third party services for file storage. Possible values include: When enabled, an Adobe Send and Track button appears in Outlook when composing an email.

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