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For those interested in more leisurely journeys, a number of bus and ferry lines can cater to your whims.A closer look at the two major onsen areas of Beppu and Yufuin reveal a hot springs selection that appeals to visitors of all ages and tastes. The main onsen draw is the eight spots that make up the jigoku meguri (literally, “circuit of hells”), where each site has spectacular or unusual displays of raw geothermal emanations that suggest the namesake.Located only 25 km inland from the coastal Beppu, Yufuin has an active contemporary Japanese crafts culture in addition to its onsen attractions.Both towns offer foodies a chance to sample local Japanese dishes as well as more well known examples.

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The best-known site for these statues is Usuki, which has 60 carvings from the 12th century and is considered the largest collection of ancient Buddhist stone figures in Japan.

The town has numerous other sites for visitors to soak in the onsen experience, from traditional inns or ryokan to modern hotel and spa resorts; you can make your hot spring selection from natural hot water geysers, mud, sand or steam.

In contrast, the smaller Yufuin has long attracted an older, more sedate type of hot springs fan.

While Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Spain qualified, both Netherlands and Italy somehow failed to make it to Russia.

The World Cup will be spread across the huge country of Russia, causing a possible logistics headache for fans and teams alike. Here’s all you need to know about the World Cup 2018 start date.

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